Techson’s unique services are based on long experience in the IT, Telecom and security and also through partnerships with international Data Center technology expert Techxact and International Data Center Authority.


Reliability, availability and security of government data centers, such as infrastructures of Royal and P...

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Banking & Finance

Techson offers comprehensive data center services as essential instruments to enhance the financial insti...

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The demand for traditional voice and data services has reached maturity. At the same time, the telecommun...

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Oil & Gas

Techson industry expert data center audit, data center assessment, data center consultancy, data center d...

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Military, defense and national security have unique data center requirements including extreme security, ...

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It’s natural in the healthcare field, where information is the life blood of patient treatment, insuran...

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Techson provides data center assessment, engineering and project management services to the aviation indu...

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In times of accelerating change, great opportunities as well as great challenges are at hand. Colleges, u...

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Real Estate

Today’s Real Estate leaders face new and pressing challenges: rising customer expectations, emerging te...

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Corporate Enterprises

In today’s enterprise environments, the need for seamless communications and reliable corporate IT faci...

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