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“Delivering performance through passion, expertise and commitment to excellence”
“Investing in the worldwide techno-commercial advancements and the growth of clients and partners”

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Techson is working in the field of optimizing data centers and delivering state-of-the-art mission-critical sites and facilities through its expert driven data center services and solutions whose core-competency remains in consulting, designing, developing, implementing, and supporting robust, reliable, fully redundant, highly secured, highly available, and highly scalable Data Center and Infrastructure Solutions with the lowest cost of ownership possible.

Techson’s unique services are based on long experience in the IT, Telecom and security and also through partnerships with international Data Center technology expert Techxact and International Data Center Authority.

Techson is actively seeks, qualifies and joins with prospective partners in different industries and territories to expedite the advancement of its mottos into heavy industries, auto, real estate, telecommunication, education homeland security, aviation, banking and finance, health care, hospitality, insurance, law enforcement, manufacturing, military, public safety, retail, and travel & tourism with industry-specific calibration.

Being deeply associated and incorporated with the varied cultural and social norms, Techson competently offers wide range of state-of-the-art solutions and services that are technically fit and culturally correct!

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CEO Message

" Through training and education we help our clients to improve their claimant efficiency"
We at Techson believe in dedication, focus and customers increased awareness to manage their information in the most efficient, cost optimized and environmental friendly way.

“What is the need in the future?”

There is no doubt that data center market is growing at great pace, however, for better or worse. Several market research firms like Gartner, Computer Sweden, IT24, Forrester Research … presents figures which investment in data centers will increase significantly. The investment in this segment in 2011 was nearly $ 90 billion, in 2012; this is expected to increase to $ 105 billion, 2013 to 120 billion dollars and in 2016 predicted the annual IT spending in the area has increased to 232 billion dollars.

“How does Techson anticipate the Data Center Market in Sweden?”

Techson sees this increase as a challenge for many companies, organizations and authorities because data center is not their core business, but is considered as a major cost burden that one can not very well ignore, to the contrary it gains increasingly important role in corporate and government survival, hence they are forced to increase their investment in this field.

“How does the Swedish Government anticipate at Data Center Market in Sweden?”

Although the Swedish government has recognized the importance of Sweden as one of the best places for international companies with huge data centers where each component in the data center can play a crucial role in the company balance sheet (bottom line), therefore, the Swedish Invest Sweden launched a great propaganda to attract global hit play to Swedish landscape.

“How do the companies anticipate the Data Center Market?”

The decision-makers in companies and authorities would like to see a solution that helps to narrow the focus, reduce investment in terms of OPEX and efficiency (Business Continuity) while maintaining safety and other important criteria for their continued profitability.

“How does the authority anticipate the Data Center Market?”

Swedish authorities as MSB, SIS and others would like to see an organization that is well versed and experienced in standardization processes that can take hold of this and offer professional support to businesses and government agencies to become better standards authority.

“Techson is the obvious partner.”

Techson’s unique services based on long experience in the IT, Telecom and security but also through partnerships with international technology experts, technology companies and experts in various standard areas cover entire area of Data Center and its environment. Techson services leads to secured business continuity and this is achieved through training, audit, certification, analysis … helping decision-makers to focus on the company’s core business.

“Techson is about Passion”

We at Techson strongly believe that our success relies on the success of our customers. That is why we put in 110% effort in order to help our customer reach their goals. We don’t take no for an answer and work hard to deliver more than promised.

“Techson is about Superior Business Relationships”

We at Techson have been forming strategic alliances and business partnerships with international Data Center expert Techxact and superior organizations and individuals in order to allow companies enjoy our advanced solutions and services.

“Techson is about Commitment to Excellence”

We at Techson are all about commitment to Excellence in whatever we do, from our development processes to handling the needs of our customers regardless.

“Techson is about Superiority”

We at Techson are dedicated to providing Superior Expertise, delivering Superior Value, and enjoying Superior Results.

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