Techson Data Centers

Techson offers industry’s most effective and popular courses, which are all backed and accredited by IDCA.

International Data Center Authority certified courses are based on a latter elevation scheme. Applicants start from the Data Center Infrastructure Specialist course (DCIS) and can either take the Management or Expert tracks. By taking the expert tracks the DCES course must be completed which teaches the engineering and design aspects of data centers, while the management track requires taking of the Data Center Operations Specialist (DCOS) course which covers all the aspects of the operations, maintenance, capacity management, planning, SLAs, OLAs, etc. These courses cover in-depth the values, complications and parameters of different Tier levels from the viewpoint of different standards and coupled with industry trends and recommendations. Upon completion of either engineering or operations courses individuals have the choice of taking a breathtaking course (DCTP) which is the sole most popular course in the data center industry covering live and practical measure of “actual” technologies used for power, cooling, civil, security, fire, safety, EMS, BMS, management, monitoring, Etc. By completion of the said courses and following the suitable tracks applicants can accomplish the status of DCIE (Data Center Infrastructure Expert), DCOM (Data Center Operations Manager), DCE (Data Center Expert), DCM (Data Center Manager) and even DCA (Data Center Authority).