Q? How do I get fastest response for my data center audit?

A. The best way is to contact us directly and specify your needs, as well as the size, capacities and target Tier.

Q? Do you provide load banks for the testing and commissioning?

A. In many instances yes, but it really depends on your location. We can mobile any necessary load banks for both micro and macro tests to almost any site depending on the timeline in which you require your site and infrastructure to be tested and commissioned.

Q? Which data center course do you recommend to take first?

A. Well it all depends on whether you are a manager or a specialist. If you manage the data center or deal with data center operational procedures and matters on daily basis, then you must purse the Data Center Operations Manager (DCOM). If you are a designer, engineer, project manager or consultant who deals with data center design and engineering matters routinely then you must pursue Data Center Infrastructure Expert (DCIE) course tracks. Regardless of which track (management or expert) you chose, you must always start with Data Center Infrastructure Specialist (DCIS).

Q? When do you recommend us to take the data center technology course?

A. Upon completing either Data Center Operations Specialist (DCOS) or Data Center Engineering Specialist (DCES) the Data Center Technology Professional (DCTP) will be highly effective for participants because managers will learn how to manage implementation and operation of technology in their facilities and engineers will learn how to handpick their preferred technology features based on their capacity, modularity, advancement and feature needs.

Q? If I am not sure what sort of data center cooling to select for my client’s data center can you help me?

A. Of course. Whether you are considering in-rack, in-row, containment or classic data center cooling solutions for in-door applications as well as varied outside supply modes we can help align latest industry advancements with the Tier level or availability level you have in mind vs your organization’s specific needs.

Q? I need help in calculation budget for my data center, select land, study the feasibility and Tier, who should I contact?

A. You need to calculate our business center, who will work closely with our consultants and engineer teams to conduct your feasibilities and assist you with you needs.

Q? How can I increase my chances of getting an interview and possibly get a job at Techson?

A. This all depends on your qualifications and method of your approach. Techson receives hundreds of resumes and job applications per day. We advise you to clearly specify the position you are applying for in the subject title of your email, send your inquires to our email and explain your experiences in bullet format in the body of your email.

Q? We how our data center design, now want to issue an RPF to invite contractors for the implementation of the project, what do you suggest we do as a first step?

A. Audit your design. It always makes sense to validate your data center design and/or any associated documentation, specification and details against the applicable standards and industry best practices, rectify the compliance issues before actually getting into the procurement stage, which depending on the size of your data center could potential save you millions in Capex and Opex.

Q? We need a data center manual that is compressive and at the same time practical for day-to-day usage, who do we contact?

A. This is a documentation consultancy service. Contact us.

Q? We need help selecting a site for our data center, how do we approach you?

A. For selecting ideal place for data center, or disaster recovery center you need to contact us and specify your needs, as well as your country, city, terrain and available locations.

Q? We are doing a data center retrofit project in an existing building and want to know which is the best floor for our data center and possible civil specifications for the project.

A. Again this is data center consultancy service and we can surely assist you if you contact us with as much relevant information as possible.

Q? I sent an email few days ago and did not get any response back, why nobody is contacting me?

A. You have either a) not included your detailed contact information, b) did not provide sufficient details about your specific need, or c) requested services that are not data center or disaster recovery services related. We receive tremendous number of inquires and due to the high volume only forward those inquires to our consultants and concerned departments that have with sufficient elaboration about their specific relevant needs. We advise you to resubmit your inquiry with appropriate details or if your inquiry has not fallen in any of the above categories you can always contact us and our customer service department will trace your concern with the concerned department/s.

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