Data Center Authority (DCA)℠ 11-day Certification Course

This course is aimed for professionals who have the potential, know how and opportunity to become subject matter authorities in the data center arena. Individuals will be taken through multi levels of foundation, concept, principle, theory, physics, strategy, management, engineering and design, technology and selection in order to complete this course work required for becoming a DCA. In addition to course work, all successful DCA candidates must fulfill the required criteria which includes but is not limited to undergoing minimum Tier III data center project alongside IDCA approved consultants, as well as submitting a thesis to the attention of the accreditation committee of IDCA. The thesis shall be driven from their professional experiences and subject matter expertise in power, cooling, application, security, etc. DCAs will be the front-runners of the data center industry and key players and contributors to the industry’s direction. The DCA is a leap into DC Strategy, approached in the unique manner of capturing the Operations aspects of a data center, knowledge of the design fundamentals and by applying the insight into future technologies, amalgamating this knowledge to prepare the management, build, expansion, or upgrade for your Next Generation Data Centers.