Research and Development

  • Technology Research

    Technology Research

    Techson research and development (R&D) center is continuously researching for new innovations in the field of facilities, infrastructures, IT, Telecom and data centers and interacts with pioneering innovators and creative manufacturers to hear their vision and capacities behind the products they have developed in order to assess the viability and appropriate implications of such technologies for Techson’s clients, partners and data center industry followers.

  • Technology Testing & Certification

    Technology Testing & Certification

    Techson continuously conducts rigorous tests, which include but not limited to load tests, hazard tests, load-balancing tests, fail-over tests, etc. on infrastructural technologies of all types, compiling and registering the results, generating valued engineering knowledgebase as a backing for its experts around the globe when they have to decide or interface with any of such products, they have the inside view of the merits of teach technology and product related to their work.

  • Standards, Guidelines & Trends Knowledgebase

    Standards, Guidelines & Trends Knowledgebase

    Techson invests heavily into the R&D taskforce and facilities that continuously render the expansion of the knowledge horizon of its associates worldwide. To maintain the lead in the data center arena not only Techson consultants and specialists routinely reference their designs, methods and principles to the core industry standards, but also they know them by heart, review them, assess them and criticize any standard, guideline or trend that violates the soul of practical and efficient data center architecture and builds.

  • Industry Feedback

    Industry Feedback

    In an effort to boost the conformance, availability, practically, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of data center sites, facilities and components, through its widespread network of clientele, partners, associates, project managers, developers, contractors, operators, its members and experts, Techson has its eyes and ears open for the feedbacks routinely received highlighting pros and cons of a specific deployment, method, technology and process that it will take under review and feed it back to the industry seamlessly through the same channels and its live projects worldwide.