Mobile Containerized Data Centers

  • Mobile Platforms

    Mobile Platforms

    True mobility is the essential requirement for majority of mobile data center or disaster recovery platforms. Offering exceptional mobility possibilities, through innovative engineering and design, Techson experts can cater “high-density” data centers platforms on the go. All components such as racks, cooling systems, fire suppression, chillers, capability to mount even extremely large satellite dish platforms, UPS as well as generators can be engineered to be completely mobile.

  • Hazard Proof Specifications

    Hazard Proof Specifications

    Engineering and development of the right specifications, is the key to possessing and operating sustainable and resilient mobile data center infrastructures. Containerized data centers specially as they become outdoors are more prone to hazard, hence it is essential to develop hazard proof specifications with respective enhancement features such as earthquake proof and vibration resilient, bullet and fire proof exterior as well as seasoned for variable climates and terrains by being fully airtight, water, weather, humidity and dust proof.

  • Varied Applications

    Varied Applications

    Varied outdoor, containerized, rapid deployment, modular and compartmentalized data centers, disaster recovery centers, telecommunication and cloud computing applications, should be designed differently for varied applications. Techson mobile data center engineering empowers all industry verticals, from telecoms to governments, developers, defense, aviation, financial institutions and many industries and operators to possess data centers that are application-specific to their exact needs.

  • Customized


    Techson caters varied containerized and mobile DC designs and platforms that offer the required mobility, compactness, high density and capacity on lowest footprint, robustness and reliability. Ample customization is applied to the design and deployment parameters per client and per industry specific requirements as a value-add. Techson engineers and experts deliver custom-made mobile data center and fast deployment data center configurations based on varied size, capacity, expandability requirements, environmental specifications, mobility and redundancy factors.