Green Planning

  • Green Building

    Green Building

    World’s latest trends in green building practices from site selection to construction are always taken into account by Techson green data center specialists, which take into accountsiting and structure design efficiency, natural landscaping schemes, energy, material and water efficiency measures, waste reduction, operations and maintenance optimization etc.

  • Green Cooling

    Green Cooling

    Nowadays carbon footprint has a big impact and concern in every data center operations and design consideration, Techson helps to optimize utmost savings in carbon and emissions reduction through effective green cooling designs and practices such as efficient indoor methods as well as geothermal/solar cooling, free-cooling, ground-source cooling, liquid-based and hybrid cooling.

  • Green Energy

    Green Energy

    Incorporating Green sources of generating power to using energy saving lightings andselecting all electricals with lowest carbon footprint, while finding an “optimum” balance between conventional as well as environment friendly materials, is a key differentiator in Techson’sgreen power & energy engineering in building efficient, cost-effective and practical Green data centers.

  • Virtualized to Green

    Virtualized to Green

    Techson can offer effective virtualization methods from layer zero to layer seven which maydirectly impact reduction in computation processing hardware and physical size per site, and incline in numerical distribution, therefore optimizes the amount of heat generated and electricity consumed, through effectively planned implementation of virtualization schemes, specifically geared for operational efficiency and promotion of global environment protection.