Disaster Recovery

  • Risk Assessment

    Risk Assessment

    It is crucial to identify, measure, validate and assess the risks data center infrastructure and application, ultimately affecting the business, which can be caused by loadbearing failure, redundancy failure, connectivity, supply chain, site, geophysics, hazard and/or numerous other factors. Proper assessment of the potential risks clarifies the necessity of a DR and set the foundation of its proper implementation.

  • DR Assessment

    DR Assessment

    Many organizations have implemented DR, however, after careful evaluation or occurrence of actual disasters they will be notified that their DR is not in-line disaster prevention and recovery parameters suited for their specific risk potentials, hence it becomes a certain obligation for Techson experts to thoroughly evaluate the reliability and effectiveness of the DR in place first hand.

  • DR Planning

    DR Planning

    Once the necessity for DR implementation or enhancement has become known, detailed planning reflecting the exact fulfillment purpose of DR as well as its embedded methodologies and processes must be planned and carefully validated. Techson delivers accurate DR planning schemes customized per industry, application and specific to the disaster recovery need of every organization.

  • DRDC Engineering

    DRDC Engineering

    Having an optimum plan in hand, disaster recovery data center will be expert engineered and detailed designed by Techson specialists at every category and component of site, civil, architecture, power & electrical, cooling & mechanical, fires, safety, security, cabling, IT, system, storage, connectivity, synchronization, backup & archival, redundancy, failover and recovery.