Data Center Legal Services

  • Regulatory Compliance

    Regulatory Compliance

    Data Center and ICT projects are subject to law & regulatory compliance. This subject is best handled by Techson’s specialized legal ICT experts and alliances who will ensure compliance to these regulations such as local and international laws, cyber laws, cyber security, e-Governance, data protection, security governance, intellectual rights & property, environmental issues, etc. are fully observed.

  • Limitation of Liabilities

    Limitation of Liabilities

    Many data center processes and milestones have a complex legal nature and hence legal subsequences and liabilities. It is important to run all legally sophisticated processes such as tendering, ordering, logistical agreements, payments, technical/commercial terms and conditions, SLA’s with clients and vendors, fulfillment criteria and certification, and other legal implicationsthrough professional and field-expert legal consultancy.

  • Legal Audits & Reviews

    Legal Audits & Reviews

    Offering legal audit and review services to identify potential risks and legal gaps for of third-party contracts, agreementsand binding documents such as covenants with subcontractors, suppliers, utility providers, telecommunications service providers, real estate, managed service providers, and outsourcing providers, all geared to ensure minimum liabilitiesimpact while enhancing feasibility for supportive uptime and availability efforts.

  • Legal Governance

    Legal Governance

    Implementation of effective legal governance plays a significant role in data center overall organizational governance. Techson specialized legal services address legalities associated with corporate policies and guidelines, definitions, labor laws, staffing processes, employment contracts, and enablement of an organizational-wide legal framework in conformance to international practices and prevailing local codes.