Data Center Feasibility Studies

  • Market Research

    Market Research

    Techson conducts thorough market studies and research, which include examining of the past, facts of the present and projections of the future demand and trends, as well as competitive presence, all achieved through its expanded knowledge-base, industry know-how, actual interviews, interaction with regulators and industry pioneers.

  • Conceptual Design

    Conceptual Design

    Based on the market research commercialized data centers might not always be feasible and if they are their commercialization method and type must be carefully analyzed and chosen. Whether to plan a Colocation, Managed Hosting, DC Real Estate and Operation business and/or a combination of either models is a viability worth studying and carefully analyzing.

  • Tier Selection

    Tier Selection

    Based on the commercial type of a data center, market realities and existing limitations of site, governing laws, supply chain or budget selection of a specific Tier Level can be either an anker for sustainable strategic success or entrapment for permanent failure. Techson analyst, by factoring all the available parameters, can identify the optimum Tier for a successful data center venture.

  • Land, Space, Infrastructure and Costing

    Land, Space, Infrastructure and Costing

    Techson incorporates its feasibility studies with the careful analysis of available land, targeted space, required infrastructure and associated costing to help complete the feasibility by comparing market attractions vs the fulfillment requirements and budgetary costing to mandate the probable viability of the specific data center business.